Robyn Said,
May 10th, 2010 @12:09 am  

I read a quote from an article that said “wear protection between your pouch & skin to prevent rash from perspiration.” What kind of protection? I have tried the stomahesive powders and sprays to prevent irritation and they have prevented my barrier from sticking to my skin. The article never mentioned whatkind of product they where referring to. What products are there that protect the skin but still allow maximum adhesive.

admin Said,
August 11th, 2010 @4:21 am  


Stomahesive also makes a paste that will protect the skin as well as provide maximum adhesion. Though, the paste may become an irritant itself. The best way to treat the skin around the stoma is to keep it very clean and make sure the appliance opening is cut properly. There are also medicated powders that can help. The regular Stomahesive powders can also be used to build barriers where leakages occur. Its a process that involves putting a liberal amount of powder on, spraying with water, blowing dry with a hairdryer, then repeating. This will allow you to build barriers somewhat like small walls that stop leakage. Hope that helps.


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